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ECHTNICE GmbH is a technical service and solution provider for Blockchain technology.
In cooperation with the Asure Foundation, the ECHTNICE GmbH develops solutions for the insurance and social security sector. The main research areas are optimization of social security systems by means of Blockchain technology in general and pension schemes based the pay-as-you-go system in particular.
ECHTNICE GmbH has developed a prototype of the apportionment process of the German pension insurance on the basis of the Ethereum Blockchain developed. This provides answers with regard to the use of of cryptocurrencies, scalability, data protection and the Development and maintenance process of SmartContracts including the appropriate UI applications.
On behalf of the Asure Foundation, ECHTNICE GmbH is planning the development of its own, specialized blockchain, which is based on the requirements of social security systems.
Our blockchain and distributed-technology development services ensure full-cycle technical support for your ICO, from conceptual architectural and tokenization design, smart contracts, sidechain deployment and integration with public blockchain to website deployment and infrastructure maintenance for your product.

Blockchain Solutions
Our goal is to help you select and deploy the right blockchain/DLT for your business model and to develop blockchain-based applications that are perfectly suited to your individual needs:

  • Business-process review
  • Technical architecture and infrastructure
  • Proof of concept creation
  • Full-Scale blockchain implementation
  • Substrate, Cosmos

MVP Development
Instead of attempting to deploy a full-fledged product to the market, we want to test assumptions and build the proper business and technical requirements first:

  • Technical feasibility of the project
  • Fully clickable prototype of your solution
  • Core operational workable blockchain modules
  • Rust, Go

Smart Contracts
We will help you to deploy smart contracts with secure, resilient code and unit tests covering all stages:

  • Token generation event contracts based on ERC 20, ERC 223, ERC 721
  • Custom Smart Contracts on Ethereum, Cordano, Stellar, EOS, NEM
  • Tokenization of digital assets
  • Solidity, WASM
Already with us
The ECHTNICE team is a group of experts with decades of experience in business and information technology areas. We work with state-of-the-art technologies and standard frameworks to achieve the best results for our clients.